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Anadolu Insurance Company Profile
As a privately-owned insurance company, Anadolu Insurance Company has played an important role in the development of the insurance industry in Turkey and in the modernization of the country’s socioeconomic environment in parallel with that development ever since it was founded.

As part of the “Recon Project” that it launched in 1997, the company has brought all of its agencies into its data processing network through an online and real-time system. Through the benefits of information technology, it has raised the quality of its services to modern-day levels.

Down through the years, Anadolu Insurance Company’s unchanging principle of paying claims immediately and in full has been a source of confidence for our country’s people.
Backed today by a strong capital base and advanced infrastructure, Anadolu Insurance Company takes a pioneering approach to insurance that is focused on customer satisfaction through its principle of “Maximum Service Insurance” while seeking to encourage the spread of insurance awareness throughout Turkey.

Groupama Insurance and Banking Group Profile
With more than 100 years in the insurance business, Groupama has developed and adapted to emerging economic challenges, as well as to the changing needs of its members and customers. The flexibility of Groupama’s offers and the creation of new services have a common objective: to simplify life for their customers.
A mutual insurance, banking and financial services group, Groupama has 38,500 employees serving 16 million members and customers.

* N°.1 mutual insurance company in France, N°.6 insurance company in France and N°.15 in Europe.
* 16 million members and customers
* 38,500 employees
* €7.0 billion in net assets (Group scope)
* €17.6 billion in revenues (+2.3% in 2010 – Group scope)
* €398 million in net profit
* Activities in France
o N°1 agricultural, local authority, personal health, legal protection, everyday accident protection and long-term care insurer
o N°2 marine and transport insurer and home insurer
o N°3 motor and commercial insurer
• International presence
14 countries in Europe and Asia: Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, China and Vietnam.